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Out Now
Martin East Project - Miami WMC 2014 EP
remixes: Andreas Saag, Pete Herbert, Walker Barnard
catalog number: KAPA0032 | genre: deep house, nu disco
traxsource date: 24.Mar.2014 | street date: 21.Apr.2014
DJ Reactions
- Yass: Great one from martin East ;) Really like it :)
- Chris Samba: An incredible EP of great music :)
- David Fiorese: "Someone Else" is for me!!!!
- Severino: Pete Herbert is always the maaan
- Aki Bergen: Thumbs up for "Falling Right Into You". Support :-)
- Romo Aldo: A gem for everyone here.
- Groove Assassin: Andreas Saag mix is BOSS. lovely deepness!
- Vinny da vinci: Sounds Wicked!!!!!!!!
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